£400,000 improvement scheme for Hoole’s Alexandra Park

Plans are being prepared for potential improvement work at Hoole’s popular Alexandra Park.
Residents and park users were invited to view and comment on a Masterplan in the pavilion at Alexandra Park. The plan has identified landscape improvements anticipated to cost up to £400,000.
The proposals aim to create a vibrant and attractive park offering a wide range of activities sympathetic to the parks heritage. A new community café is included in the overall plans.
There will be an improved entrance into the park which would potentially reduce the number of tennis courts from six to five. The Lawn Tennis Association and Hoole Tennis Club (soon to be Mickle Trafford Tennis Club) are happy to help with improvements to the courts.
Footpaths, edgings and drainage would be improved and new park seats, bins and signage introduced. There would be new borders, shrub, herbaceous and bulb planting. Following a tree survey there is an opportunity to introduce a wider range of trees. Replacing some trees would provide a variety of height canopy’s and age range of trees within the park.
Cllr Louise Gittins, Cabinet Member Communities and Wellbeing said: “To complete all of the proposed improvement for the park, we will have to seek external funding. The work is likely to be completed in phases and subject to applications for several medium sized and smaller grants.
“Following consultation we will be able to produce a priority list of improvements, with a target date of summer 2019 for work to be completed.”

Alexandra park is popular and well used with an excellent play area, it’s well-used by community groups, local schools, bowling and fitness groups. The park has two bowling lawns, six tennis courts, a large play area, lawn, ornamental tree, shrub and bedding.
However the park needs reinvestment. Footpaths are eroding, the buildings aren’t well used and the signage is poor. The borders require attention and tennis court surfaces are in a poor condition.