Chester beer awards winners

Local beer makers and sellers did well at the recent Chester Beer Awards night held at the Deva Tap.

“This year the nominations were more diverse than the years before”, said Katja Knox, from Chester Beer Blog, the organisers of the event. “We’ve had some great pubs open, and new breweries have started coming forward too. 2017 was an exciting year for local beer and I believe this is reflected in the nominations, too.”

The Best Pub award was for the third time won by The Cellar, Chester, and accepted on their behalf by Andrew Atkinson, who runs the pub. He said the team was “chuffed” to win the coveted award again.

The Best Pub Grub award was won by Artichoke bistro and for the third year running Chester Beer & Wine claimed the Best Beer Shop award.

The much-coveted Best Bartender award was scooped by Sophie Hooper at The Cellar, Chester due to her unbeatable beer knowledge and for never failing to recommend a suitable beer, no matter how obscure the taste of the customer.

Katja added: “Every year we’re blown away with the support we receive from the nominees and the public and that just speaks volumes of what an amazing bunch of people we have in our bars and breweries in Chester.”