Don’t block the pavements

Crime report by PCSO Keith Bartlett

Motorists who park on the pavements have been urged to spare a thought for pedestrians who often struggle to get past. Tickets have been issued in recent weeks in places such as Clare Avenue and Hewitt Street after parked cars completely blocked the pavements, making it impossible for pushchairs and wheelchairs to get through. This means that people have been forced to go on the road to get past, which is clearly dangerous.

It has been a problem in Hoole for many years, with the tight streets and increasing car ownership which makes parking space a scarce resource.

Hoole beat manager PC Matt Middleton and PCSO Keith Bartlett outside the All Saints Church Centre, on Vicarage Road, which is the new base for police surgeries.


Park vandalism

The hot summer weather has been encouraging lots of people to visit the parks in Hoole. The only downside is that there has been more vandalism in Alexandra Park, particularly at a derelict building which has been set on fire.

It seems as if young people are climbing onto the roof of the building and vandalising it. PCSO Keith Bartlett says that patrols have been stepped up and he hopes that people stay off the building.

  • A prolific shoplifter has been jailed after he was spotted on CCTV. Blacon resident Robert Murphy had a particular fondness for stealing meat from grocery stores in Hoole. Fortunately, he was identified on CCTV by local PCSO Keith Bartlett and subsequently brought to trial where he was jailed for four months.
  • A thief broke into a house on Shavington Avenue and stole a set of car keys which he used to take the owner’s car parked outside.