Nowhere to hide for park vandals

The area around a ramshackle building in Coronation Fields has been tidied up so that police can keep an eye on who is using it.

The old hut has been used lately by youths and homeless people – but the problem has been that the area around it was so overgrown, police couldn’t see who was in there.

So the council has cut down the shrubs and trees which has made the hut more visible.

PCSO Keith Bartlett said: “We’ve worked with the council and partner agencies and they’ve had all the bushes cut back.

“There have been some youths camping in there and not being seen, others have been climbing onto the building but hopefully we can now keep tabs on it.”

Bowling green churned up

Patrols have been stepped up near the bowling green at Hoole’s Alexandra Park after young cyclists rode all over it. The bowling green, which is used extensively over the summer, has been churned up. It has been made worse by the wet weather during August which softened the ground.

PCSO Keith Bartlett said: “The bikes have churned up parts of the bowling green, which makes it difficult for the bowlers to use so we’re doing more high visibility patrols.”

Police surgeries

PCSO Bartlett will be holding police surgeries at Hoole Church hall Vicarage Road on the below dates any issues come along and discuss them.

Friday 7th September 5-6pm.

Thursday 13th September 11am-12noon.

Saturday 22nd September 11am-12noon.

Thursday 27th September 6-7pm.