Jail for man who punched Hoole jogger

A 29-year-old Chester man who punched an innocent jogger in the eye in an unprovoked attack has been jailed.

Ricky Jones, of Earls Port in Chester, was sentenced to 12 months after pleading guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm without intent at Chester Crown Court.

The court heard how in January this year a 24-year-old man was out jogging along Philip Street, in Hoole, when he saw an unknown man running towards him.

As Jones ran towards the jogger he shouted aggressively at him. The victim told Jones he didn’t know what he was talking about but he ignored him and instead sprinted towards him shouting ‘don’t lie to me’.

In fear, the jogger then turned to run away from Jones but as he did he fell to the ground smashing his knee on the pavement. As the victim lay on the floor in agony, Jones stood over him and punched him in the eye before walking away.

Jones was arrested by officers on 2nd February and charged on the same day.

The judge called the attack on the victim ‘nasty, unnecessary and unpleasant’.

Detective Constable Leanne Abbott, of Chester CID, said: “This was an incredibly intimidating and alarming assault on an innocent man who was simply out jogging.

“Jones put the victim through a terrifying ordeal by displaying threatening behaviour in what was an unprovoked attack. The victim can have peace of mind that the sentence and the five-year restraining order handed to Jones means he won’t be a threat to him.”