Neighbours sow the seeds of community spirit

People living on Oaklea Avenue and Elmwood Avenue have been showing their community spirit – with colourful results.

The neighbours meet up once a month for a curry calling themselves the ‘Young Bucks Crew’, while not to be outdone the ‘Oaklea Deers’ meet for monthly get-togethers too.

Lisa Pritchard said: “Our common bond is to create a lost community spirit. We hold garden parties where we pull up the fence panels between our back gardens to create a ‘common garden’ where neighbours can gather together for a chat with a barbeque and children are introduced to become lifelong friends.”
The community has raised vital funds for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd with apple pressing events, Christmas Carol singing and – this summer – the first annual sunflower competition.
There were more than 20 entries to find out who could grow the tallest sunflower. Children and adults truly embraced the challenge.
From tiny seedlings at Easter to giant plants by August the early spring rain followed by the long spells of sunshine really helped to grow the huge flowers which was a delight to see when they reached above the garden fences!
The tallest sunflower, measuring a staggering 9ft 8ins was grown by eight-year-old Ronnie Hill, of Oaklea Avenue, who was delighted to win his own gardening set and creative mug set.

Lisa added: “I’m so proud of our community who collectively raised £170 for the hospice and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”