Beer and wine shop moves out of Hoole

One of the best-known businesses in Hoole is packing up and moving to Handbridge.

Chester Beer and Wine is moving from its premises in Charles Street after 13 successful years.

The independent store has been run by Sam Jackson, with help from Sue Mason and Dave Calver, expertly selling a huge range beers, wines and spirits – many locally sourced. But they are moving out following a change of landlord – and now they are seeking funding help for the move.

Owner Sam says: “Just after the success of our second beer festival in August we received the devastating news that our beloved shop would have to close. A new landlord had designs on the building which didn’t include us, and we would have to find a new home. After 13 years of hard work building a successful business in the heart of the Hoole community, we were given just a matter of weeks to find new premises.

“We didn’t want to go down without a fight, so the race was on to find somewhere suitable. We struck gold straight away, with a fantastic vacant premise in the beautiful, historic suburb of Handbridge, on the banks of the River Dee.

“Chester Beer & Wine has been part of my life for so many years, and I have put heart and soul into it, along with Sue & Dave, who love the shop as much as I do. I am determined to make our new venue a success, not just for my own sake (and the life savings I invested!), but also for Sue & Dave, who are the best employees in the world.

We are so excited about the new premises and our move to Handbridge. We are hoping that it won’t be goodbye to all our lovely customers, we are only across the river after all, and we are looking forward to meeting lots of lovely new customers and forging new friendships.

“So, things are looking peachy you may think – why do we need help from all you lovely people?? Well, the honest truth is that a shop move is expensive, I mean, really crazy expensive. We have such a mountain to climb guys – the sheer scale of moving 13 years’ worth of stock and memories is a huge task in itself, but the biggest burden is a financial one. Dear friends we have to find capital to pay for, among other things, removal men, new fridges, cabinets, shutters, furniture, signage, solicitor’s fees, surveyor fees, license application, decorating, joiners & a plethora of other skilled tradesmen to make our new shop look gorgeous.

“You have all been so amazing over so many years and I have loved seeing you all go through your life’s journey. I have watched over you all as you have lived your lives, met your life partners, had little ones who have grown and flown, and have felt privileged to have listened when times haven’t been so kind to you.

“Well life hasn’t been so kind to us lately and now we need your help. We are hoping to raise £20k to cover our moving costs and make our shop as wonderful as it has been in Hoole. Please give or buy what you feel you can, every penny is appreciated more than you can imagine. Everyone who donates will be invited to a reopening party.”

A Gofundme page has been set up to raise money for the move.