Parents told to stay off the zig zags

Parents of children at Hoole Primary School have been warned to keep their cars off the zig zag lines on Hoole Lane.

PCSO Keith Bartlett says parents have failed to heed his warnings – so now he will start to dish out £100 fines and 3 points on the licence.

The problems arise on the school run, when parents drop off or pick their children up. A number of parents have parked up illegally on the zig zag lines – which are there as a safety measure.

PCSO Bartlett said: “I’ve been politely asking people not to park there, giving people the chance to move their cars but the problem persists so now we’re adopting a zero tolerance policy.

“The lines are there for a reason – so that the children can cross safely – so the people who park there are putting the pupils at risk.”

He also noted that photographic evidence can be submitted and used as evidence – so even if PCSO Bartlett isn’t there, drivers can still be prosecuted.