Thieves use the back alleys

HOUSEHOLDERS are being warned to watch out for people loitering in alleyways around the back of terraced houses in Hoole.

In recent weeks there have been break-ins at homes in Hamilton Street and Burgess Street where the burglars have got in round the back. An attempted break-in on Hewitt Street was thwarted when the thief was challenged by a neighbour.

It is believed that the thieves are pretending to be tradesmen looking for work but, as PCSO Keith Bartlett says, bona fide sales people would use the front door.

He says: “They have been going round the back alley and then, when challenged, saying they are looking for work. In the recent burglaries, they’ve smashed the glass in the door to get in.

“If you see someone suspicious in the alleyways, don’t hesitate to call us on the non-emergency number (101). It’s better that we can check them out.”